RAVEN brings the smart building information you need directly to your mobile device
Buildings use Raven API Connectors to send information to a Raven Server. Raven Server delivers push notifications to Raven Mobile App users. Raven Mobile App users subscribe to the Notification Classes they need.
Raven Server
  • Raven Server is your personal cloud software for managing Connections and Mobile App users
  • Create logins for Mobile App users
  • Create Roles that only have access to certain Notification Classes
  • Manage the Connections made to your server from various building data sources
  • Connect to one or more Raven Servers
  • Choose which notifications you want to see on your mobile device
  • Enable Proximity mode to only receive notifications when on-site
  • Mute Notification Classes to stop push notifications, but still receive information in-app
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Download the Raven Mobile App from the App Store or Google Play Store
Interested in writing your own Connector to the Raven API? Email us for more information